16 Queens Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6LF

About Us

Welcome to Simpatico – the home of pizza al taglio in the very heart of Leeds. Born out of a desire to bring authentic Roman style pizza al taglio to the UK, Simpatico was established in 2018. Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Early Dinner 7 days a week.

On Saturday’s, join us for the ever popular Termini Bottomless Brunch.

Our Story

Today, the pizza al taglio is the most eaten and loved street food in Rome (and in most of Italy), and young Roman artisan bakers such as Cristiano Garbrino (who trained Simpatico’s owner Nick Julian) developed new techniques mixing different kind of flours and changing the rising times, and also matching hundreds of different toppings (including vegetarian and vegan options) in order to make the pizza al taglio a real “tailored” and gourmet experience.

our Creative &
Exciting menu

Pizza al taglio or pizza al trancio (literally “pizza by the cut”) is a special kind of pizza, baked in rectangular trays. In the late 1950s, in Rome, some bakers began to bake their dough in a tray into electric ovens and to garnish it with tomato sauce and olive oil. Using a high hydration dough recipe and proving for 72 hours leads to a lighter and easier to digest pizza.


Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their life right?
We can’t change the world one slice at a time, but a small good will gesture can go so much further than you might think! 
By our cash register is a cup full of recycled sporks, each spork only costs £3.00. Simply purchase this at the till and take the spork away, you can then give it to someone you meet around the city or a friend you might know who needs a hand or kind gesture. They can bring the spork to us here at Simpatico and they will get a hot slice and hot drink along with a friendly smile waiting to greet them.
Our location and collection time is written on the fork so they can find us easily! 
Exquisite Pizza, Unforgettable Atmosphere...
Exquisite Pizza, Unforgettable Atmosphere...